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There are countless endorsed diets on the market. A diet that works for one person is not necessarily a good solution for someone else, and for various reasons, it may not lead to the same results.

What should an effective weight-reduction diet look like?

It should contain all of the essential elements our bodies need, and it should not contain an excessive amount of energy in the form of carbohydrates and fat.
A weight-reduction diet must contain all of the nutrients our bodies need every day and also force our bodies to start using the energy that is stored as fat.
Weight-reduction diet products are intended to replace ordinary food. In such a way, we reduce energy intake and optimize the nutritional components of the diet.
A commercially weight-reduction diet is not only intended for reducing weight, but also for facilitating the transition to a new diet that is essential for maintaining weight loss.

Weight-reduction diets themselves are not responsible for the “yo-yo” effect, but only the one who incorrectly formulates the diet or the one who does not follow through with the diet.


Our goal should not only be a weight-reduction diet and reaching the desired weight, but also creating a new, suitable diet that will not lead to repeated weight gain.

Therefore, regular weekly monitoring helps to optimize the diet, its composition, as well as the size of portions. Following regular weight monitoring, we significantly change the diet in the following weeks if there is a weight gain of more than two kilograms. In such cases, it is often necessary to add one to two Guareta or Dietline meals per day to return to original weight level.

The Guareta weight-reduction diet also works to eliminate dietary errors due to various forms of overeating or bad nutrition. In such cases, we can add one to two meals to the diet during the following days or week.

If we want to lose weight, a diet is not enough!

It is also beneficial to use dietary supplements containing soluble fibre. This should primarily be fibre that forms a gel with water and thus increases in volume. These gels have various properties (e.g. they are resistant in various ways to chemicals and intestinal bacteria) and hence it is important to choose the right dosage. Guareta fibre preparations assist in maintaining the diet without dietary errors or other lapses.

If you want your diet to be worry-free, then the dietary plans are the solution, since they contain the precise ingredients for each meal.

The Guareta Dietary Plans make losing weight easy from the very beginning. By gradually replacing the Guareta and Dietline products with ordinary food, we learn to understand the nutritional value of each food product and ordinary meals. We also learn to select the correct quantity for each portion so that the nutritional value or our food intake throughout the day has the optimal ingredients and so that we feel as good as possible.

The Guareta Diet tastes good, so it is a diet that will be easy to keep. Virtually anyone can lose weight on this diet.

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